Sebastian Dalton

Sebastian Jude Dalton MSc BSc (Hons) (sometimes referred to as Seb or SJ) is a Starfleet Officer and is the Third Science Officer and Chief Physicist on board the starship Challenger (NX-03).

Biographical Information
Homeworld:Alpha Centauri III, Alpha Centauri System,
United Earth Commonwealth
Birth:January 2nd, 2125 (age: 30)
Height:5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Weight:152 Ilbs 
Political Information
AffiliationUnited Earth Commonwealth
PostingChallenger (NX-03)
PositionThird Science Officer & Chief Physicist


Mother: Aubrey Dalton, Mayor of New Samarkand

Father: Pete Dalton, Senator for Alpha Centauri, United Earth Commonwealth Government


Early Life

Born into a family who had moved from New York on Earth to Alpha Centauri, Sebastian had an interesting childhood. Unlike others from his family who lived on Earth, he was the first generation of Daltons to be born on Alpha Centauri III. Both of his parents were academics and had moved to Alpha Centauri to be part of a surge, led by Doctor Zefram Cochrane, to settle a new colony in the Alpha Centauri system. Both of them were involved in assisting in setting up the schools on the colony and creating other government infrastructures. As a result of this, it was no surprise that once Alpha Centauri had joined the United Earth Commonwealth as a colony, its leaders asked Sebastian’s father to become one of its senators. Before Pete left, he discovered his wife (who had also become the Mayor of the colony’s capital settlement) was pregnant. Nine months and Sebastian was born seconds after his father had made it home in time to see his son’s birth. He was named after his maternal grandfather and his middle name comes from his uncle who had died in a freighter accident the year before. 

Sebastian enjoyed the freedoms that came in growing up on Alpha Centauri. His parents owed a relatively large two-bedroom apartment in the colony’s first self-sustaining civic environment. Based on the successful Millennium Gate project that was used to colonise Mars, Sebastian was able to enjoy certain freedoms, but most of them were maintained with inside the self-sustaining biodome. He always tried to work out how everything worked and enjoyed hearing the things that Doctor Cochrane did for humanity, consequently Sebastian was keen to become a scientist. Through high school he was a keen mathematician and loved every science lesson. He had a strong group of friends that shared his interest and after graduation they all applied to go to Cambridge University on Earth.

His parents, who were keen for him to apply himself in a field of science, were not too happy that he wanted to return to Earth. Nevertheless, they relented and supported their son. He was successful and went on to take a bachelor’s degree in science for mathematics and physics. Three years later he stayed on to complete his masters. Wanting to apply his skills further, he decided to join Starfleet. Again, his parents weren’t too keen and had hoped for him to return home.

Early Career

In 2147, Sebastian was offered the chance to enter the accelerated training programme with Starfleet Training Command after excelling the entrance exam. He politely declined, stating he wanted to be able to take on every opportunity his training could offer him and felt rushing it would not give him that. 

His first, second and third years were uneventful. He completed his training by 2151 and was keen to get his space legs. Not only did he do extremely well with his training to become a science officer but was noted for his excellent abilities with engineering and piloting.  

Windsor NCC-147

Fortunately, for Sebastian when he had finished at Starfleet Training Command – one of his professors had snatched him up to join her on her new ship. Captain Meryl Farrell had just been promoted and given command of a brand new, start-of-the-artDaedalus-class ship. Farrell, a scientist herself, had wanted to have Dalton along with a number of his fellow classmates on her ship. As such he joined the ship as one of its science officers and enjoyed the perks that came with a brand-new ship.

The ship’s first mission was to lead in a large re-mapping and re-surveying project of the Alpha Centauri system. Returning home, almost felt like full-circle for Sebastian. The ship would lead a four-vessel group that was update Earth’s records on the system and begin installing new satellites in the system. As well as this, the task group would provide economic and engineering aide to all of the colonies. The project was to last for most of the year, which Sebastian loved. It meant he could visit his parents, see friends and enjoy his work. 

However, he soon discovered, by the end of the project, that his father had used his connections as a senator to have the Windsorassigned to the project once he had discovered his son’s first assignment. Outraged that his father would take such action, Sebastian had the biggest arguments with parents – even bigger than the one over him attending Cambridge. Feeling he could no longer trust them not to use their influence on his career, Sebastian requested a transfer. Captain Farrell, who hadn’t realised that his father had been involved in the Windsor’s assignment, was able to get Sebastian to change his mind. She asked him to hold on until they completed their work and went on their first solo mission. He did as she requested and soon the Windsorwas out and about far from Earth.

Their first assignment, not a complete solo one, was to assist the colonists on Terra Nova. Again, Farrell led a small task group of three ships that would end up staying on Terra Nova for almost a year. They were able to help re-locate the colonists to a safer continent, one that was not enriched with radiation. It was during this mission that Sebastian found his work the most gratifying, he was making a difference in these people’s lives. He discovered he had a knack for solving engineering problems and was taken under the wing of the ship’s chief engineer. Eventually, he was giving command of a small team were assigned to build and show the Novans how to operate one of their self-sustaining power generators. During his off-duty time, he and a few others would help teach some of the Novan children maths. 

Come 2153, the Windsorwas assigned to further explore the Terra Nova system. This was work that Sebastian enjoyed as well. He was able to assist in the surveying of the other planets in the Novan system. One of the gas giants, had a number of small moons orbiting it. As a sign of gratitude for their hard work, Captain Farrell had each one named after everyone on the ship. 

Challenger NX-03

The chance to join one of the NX-class ships presented itself to Sebastian at the end of 2154. Even though he enjoyed being on the Windsor, he wanted to go further. As a result, Captain Farrell was a good friend of Captain Karim, the new skipper for Challenger. She suggested that Sebastian apply for a position on the third warp five ship with her backing. Her recommendation letter to Karim and friendship was helpful with Sebastian joining the ship by the beginning of 2155. Sadly, though he would never get to meet Karim who died in a shuttle accident days before the ship was about to leave dry-dock. Sebastian had arrived a day after the accident and was soon confronted with a new commanding officer, Captain Lloyd Burton. 

Sebastian, at first and like many of his crewmates, were unsure of Burton who had originally meant to be the ship’s first officer. He was unknown and his style of leadership had not been tested. Nevertheless, by mid-2155, Sebastian loved every moment of being on Challenger. During this time the ship was ordered to make official first contact with the Deltan species on behalf of the Earth Commonwealth and its allies in the Coalition of Planets. Initially the first contact went well with both side exchanging ideas peacefully, but the ship was dragged in to an ongoing conflict the Deltans were having with a neighbouring race known as the Carreons. In the open battle between both sides, Challengerwas forced to leave its orbit of Delta to avoid being destroyed by the Carreons. Unfortunately, Sebastian, along with many others, was left behind on Delta. He had been visiting the planet with many other members from the science department. Commander Nicolette Levesque, the ship’s first officer and science officer, had been on the planet too when their ship had left. The Deltan government gave the stranded crew accommodation in a high class governmental residential that was used for VIPs. Those from Challengerthat were left behind became agitated at their situation and almost helpless at not being able to do anything. Commander Levesque had decided to carry on with their mission of understanding the Deltans and their culture. Sebastian had been given the assignment of understanding their scientific discoveries and to engage with their scientific community in the applied sciences. When Challenger eventually returned (over two months later) he assumed duties but was tasked in assisting Commander Stanton in engineering. Stanton enjoyed Sebastian’s adaptive approach and placed a commendation in his file for his work in helping repair the ship with limited crew. Unfortunately, the Deltan military attempted to use the ship in bold last ditched attempt to take out a Carreon armada by detonating its warp core through the use of a computer virus. Sebastian assisted Commander Stanton in ejecting the warp core before it destroyed them. Luckily, the IGS Avenkerev, an Andorian ship, was nearby to rescue them and help with repairs. Sebastian had not worked so closely with an alien crew before and loved every moment learning from the Andorians.  In due course the entire crew, who had abandoned ship, were rescued when Captain Burton and the others entered orbit of Ardana, the Minshara planet they had used for shelter. They came with help with the Andorians and with a few days of hard work the entire crew were returned to Challenger. Not willing to lose him, Stanton requested that Sebastian remain helping in engineering until the ship returned to Earth of which Commander Levesque agreed to the temporary transfer. 

Service Record

First Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2147-2148
Second Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2148-2149
Third Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2149-2150
Fourth Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2150-2151
Science OfficerWindsor (NCC-147)2151-2155
Third Science Officer & Chief PhysicistChallenger (NX-03)2155

Other information


Even though he loves maths and science, Sebastian enjoyed his sports growing up. This meant he regularly attending training for lacrosse, a game he and his friends enjoyed. This kept him in good shape and fitness. Along with this he was a keen swimmer at university, as such he was part of its swimming team. In his last year he got involved in archery too. Something he carried on practising when he went to STC. He always keeps his hair cut short and smartly styled. He wears his uniform with pride and is known to be caught polishing his pip as well as shoes. 

Personality & Traits

Sebastian is known as a cheerful guy, rarely is he moody or angry. He is a very sociable person and is willing to talk to anyone. He is also known for his caring and helpful nature that is complimented with an optimistic mindset. 

Strengths & Weaknesses

A strong head with numbers and being able to solve problem is a big part of what makes Sebastian a successful officer. He gets along with many and respects the chain of command. He has never spoken out against a superior officer, to the point he is too good. He also has a habit of being unable to say no when people ask him to help them. The only people he has ever stood up against are his parents. 


Sebastian would like to eventually use his experience and knowledge and apply it in gaining his doctorate. 


  • Earth language of English 
  • Earth language of Spanish

Hobbies & Interests

  • Chess
  • Snooker & Pool
  • Lacrosse
  • Playing piano
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • Archery