The Armoury department is responsible for the overall security and defence of the ship and its crew. Below are the various jobs that make up this department.

Chief Armoury Officer

The Chief Armoury Office r is the department head whose expertise lies both in personal combat and the tactical operations of the starship. They are responsible for the security and defence of the crew and ship. 

Second Armoury Officer

The Second Armoury Officer is the second-in-command of the department and is responsible in assisting the Chief Armoury Officer in department management, and works in whatever capacity the Chief Armoury Officer requires, typically serving as a shift supervisor.

Warhead Specialist (2)

Warhead specialists are h ighly trained enlisted personnel who have a focus on maintaining and ensuring the security of the heavy starship munitions on board. They are also trained in other areas of armoury operations too.

Munitions Officer (2)

The Munitions Officer has a responsibility for the Armoury Department’s equipment. Maintaining it, distributing it, keeping track of it, and handling the weapons lockers. They are also trained in other areas of armoury operations too. 

Brig Supervising Officer 

The Brig Supervisor is an enlisted position for guarding and managing the brig. This specialist is also capable of conducting other, everyday Armoury operations when the brig doesn’t need attention/boarding action is happening. When the brig is in use they are responsible for ensuring that the brig was secure enough to be guarded by other members of the armoury department.

VIP Bodyguard Supervisor 

The VIP Bodyguard Supervisor specific training as protection officers, to help with delegates and other security matters. As a member of the Armoury Department, with specific training in this area, when no VIP is visiting the ship, they are an Armoury Officer team member with normal everyday responsibilities. Come the arrival of a VIP, they have seniority in supervising and managing the safety of the VIP. They arrange the safety of the VIP as well as brief the relevant MACO or Armoury Officers assigned to protection detail. This specialist also has some training to handle ‘difficult’ delegates. This specialist Armoury Officer ‘takes point’ in the organisation of these potentially delicate projects.

Armoury Officer (6)

Armoury Officers work within the department had have varying duties from support security and tactical matters for the ship. These officers deal with the everyday operations of the department and work with the various specialists and supervisors to ensure the safety of the crew and its visitors.