Month: February 2021

Chapter 1 goes live!

Chapter One of The Tholian Stratagem is now available!

New Story: The Tholian Stratagem

The war continues, but the crew of the Challenger must come to terms with their losses and welcome new members. Alongside this they must find out why the Romulans have been targeted by the Tholian Assembly. Has Earth finally found a powerful new ally? Check out the prologue here!

February 2021: Character of the Month – First Lieutenant Luis Trommler

This month we get to know more about Challenger’s new MACO leader and find out how he rose through the ranks so quickly. Here are his five facts for February! He has a younger brother, Fynn, who is a professional footballer for the German football team. Joining Challenger at the start of its career, Trommler…
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January 2021: Character of the Month – Crewmember (first class) Jamie Harris

The captain’s yeoman, the man who literally runs all areas of the ship’s administration and business maybe young but is certainly a pro at his work. Without him Fleet Captain Burton couldn’t run Challenger in such a smooth way. For January we are learning five facts about him! They are: Like so many young people…
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