Month: May 2020

Lore Update: Starfleet Fleet Roster

A recent update to our lore section, including the roster of Starfleet’s fleet.

All good things…

The concluding chapters to our anthology are now available, enjoy the early days of the war with the Romulans as the crew come to terms with new changes! Check out the last chapters here!

Lore Update: Starfleet Fleet Roster

The latest addition to our Lore section, includes a fleet registry of all ships that Starfleet have or are operating in 2155. We will endeavour to keep this up to date as new information about the ships are shared. Take a look here today!

Part IV ends and Part V begins!

The next chapters of our current anthology are now live! Head over to see the latest chapters from here.

New Lore: United Earth Starfleet

Ever wanted to know what Starfleet looked like before the Federation? Then take a look at our lore section today and read all about it!

Part IV of our anthology series is ready to be discovered!!

The next instalment of our ‘All For One And One For All’ anthology is ready for you to see today! In the next part we get to see a sneak peak into the life of Commander Stanton, our brave chief engineer and understand what happened to him from his past…along with this we get to…
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May 2020: Character of the Month – Sub Commander T’Plau

This month, we look at the second Vulcan to attempt spending time on an NX-class ship: Sub Commander T’Plau. As Challenger‘s Chief Armoury Officer & Third Officer, she is responsible in keeping the ship safe and representing the Vulcan Confederacy as part of the Coalition of Planet’s officer-exchange programme. Here are five facts about her:…
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