Month: April 2020

Lore update: United Earth Commonwealth entry goes live!

Take a look at our Lore section today and find out so much about the United Earth Commonwealth! Find out: Who was the first President of the United Earth! When the United Earth Government was formed! Which nations were last to join! What happened to Earth prior to the launch of Enterprise in 2151! And…
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April 2020: Character of the Month – Commander Michael Stanton

This month we will be looking at the man that keeps Challenger running: Commander Michael Stanton! The chief engineer who originally was an assistant professor at Starfleet Training Command. Here are five facts about him! At age 12, he disassembled and rebuilt both of the family’s hovercars, and rewired the entire household computer network. He was…
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The adventure continues!

Part 3 of our anthology – All For One & One For All is now complete! Find out what decision Commander Levesque has made about her future today! Coming soon will be Part 4 – Stanton!