Month: March 2020

Next chapters released!

All For One & One For All has its next set of chapters released and ready to be read! Please enjoy the last chapters of Captain Burton and his siblings’ adventure to find out what happened to their father and then see how Commander Levesque returns to her roots.

New Lore section added!

Take a look at our new Lore section, which includes background information for our storytelling!

Chapters 4-6 released!

Captain Burton must deal with his father’s death, however after being told by the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief that there’s more going on, Challenger‘s skipper must go on a quest with his siblings discover what is going on. The next three chapters are now available to read!

March 2020: Character of the Month – Commander Nicole Levesque

This month we will be looking at Captain Burton’s first right hand woman: Commander Nicole Levesque! The woman that stepped up to succeed Lloyd Burton as first officer when he was made Captain of Challenger! Here are five facts about her! Nicole comes from a large family – two older sisters, one older brother and…
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