Month: February 2020

‘All For One & One For All’ released!

We’re happy to share that the next story from the brave crew of Challenger is now live. Captain Burton and his crew must deal with the repercussions of returning home and dealing with their private lives as well as their professional ones. To top it off they are also dealing with the war that now…
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February 2020: Character of the Month – Captain Burton

On a monthly basis we will share some information about a character from our stories. To kick us off is our main protagonist; Captain Lloyd Burton! Here are five interesting facts about the man who commands Challenger: He grew up in southern-England with his older sister and two younger brothers. His parents had originally disagreed…
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Last chapters released!

The concluding chapters of “The Sky’s The Limit’ are now available! Find out what happens to Captain Burton and his crew who have been split across the galaxy – will they ever get back together? Go and read now to find out!