Month: October 2019

Start to read “Hell Hath No Fury” today!

The third and final instalment in the Challenger’s opening arc is now online to be read. “Hell Hath No Fury” brings Challenger to Andoria after the election of a new Andorian chancellor, someone the crew knows well. However the Romulan Star Empire aren’t too keen on the new Andorian leader and her involvement in the…
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Short and straight to the fun!

Please do head over to read the last chapters of “Birds Of A Feather” and just see how Captain Burton and the crew face up against the Romulans head on!

New Guest Characters Section!

Check out our Guest Character page for all the characters that appear in Star Trek: Challenger!

Latest chapters released for ‘Birds Of A Feather’

The latest chapters for Birds Of A Feather are now available to read!