Uniforms & Ranks


Duty Uniform

The standard duty uniform is a jumpsuit that is worn by all active field officers. The standard duty uniform comes in three layers:

  1. Jumpsuit
  2. Undershirt
  3. Undergarments (a vest/top and underwear)

The admiral’s variant is based on a shirt and tie design. The uniform comes in female and male versions, with the former not having a shirt but a blouse without the tie.

Dress Uniform

For important functions, such as diplomatic receptions or formal occasions, officers are expected to wear the Starfleet dress uniform. It is a one long piece suit that has a white undershirt.

Field Jacket

The field jacket is used for landing parties when they are visiting a location where it is slightly colder than normal.


The standard spacesuit is used in zero-g environments or when there is no oxygen available. It comes with its own undergarment. There is a Starfleet version (gold) and a MACO version (silver)

Landing Party Uniform

Starfleet uniforms include a number of variants that are designed for specialised missions for landing parties. Left to right:

  • Dessert uniform with jacket
  • Dessert undershirt
  • Cold weather vest
  • Cold weather long coat

M.A.C.O. Uniform

MACO personnel are expected to wear the duty uniform, which is similar to the Starfleet field jumpsuit. It compromises of a field jacket, an undershirt and long field trousers with standard issues boots.


Flag Officers

Starfleet RankM.A.C.O Rank
Fleet AdmiralField General
Vice AdmiralLieutenant General
Rear AdmiralMajor General
CommodoreBrigadier General

Officers & Enlisted Officer

CommanderLieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant CommanderMajor
Lieutenant Captain
Lieutenant Junior Grade1st Lieutenant
Ensign2nd Lieutenant
Warrant OfficerWarrant Officer
Master Chief Petty OfficerSergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty OfficerMaster Sergeant
Chief Petty OfficerGunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer 1st ClassStaff Sergeant
Petty Officer 2nd ClassSergeant
Petty Officer 3rd ClassCorporal
Crewmember 1st ClassLance Corporal
Crewmember 2nd ClassPrivate 1st Class
Crewmember 3rd ClassPrivate

Starfleet Training Command Ranks

Fourth Year Cadet
Third Year Cadet
Second Year Cadet
First Year Cadet
Enlisted Cadet

Starfleet Departments