The Star Trek: Enterprise Era/Universe

You can’t be afraid of the wind…

The era and universe that Star Trek: Enterprise existed in is set before any other Star Trek series and film. As a result the only background is based on what happened in Star Trek: Enterprise or has been referenced in one of the other series or films.

Star Trek: Challenger’s timeline is set between the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Enterprise (Terra Prime) and its final episode (These Are The Voyages…). Our timeline is the mid-22nd century. Our main focus is pick up from where Star Trek: Enterprise left off with a brand new crew and expand this era with more characters and details. We will also deal with one of the biggest events that takes place in this timeline: the Earth-Romulan War.

Our canon is ours to make, along with our sister sim (Star Trek: Endeavour), we develop early Star Trek history. We include some of the novel canon that followed the end of Star Trek: Enterprise as part of ours, but with a slight Bravo Fleet twist!

Below is a range of information that is used to establish and develop this time period based on a range of sources as well as creativity indulgence.

Our Lore