Starship Tour


The Bridge, located on A Deck, is the area where all commands are made and carried out. At the front in the centre of the bridge if the helm, in front of it is the main viewscreen while behind it is the captain’s chair. On one side of the bridge is the engineeiring and armoury stations and the door that leads to the short corridor to the captain’s ready room. On the other side of the room is the communication and science stations with lift access. In the aft compartment is the situation room, where the senior staff can meet for mission briefings and other formal meetings.

The Ready Room

The Captain’s Ready Room is located on A Deck and connected to the bridge on the starboard side via a small corridor. From here the captain can review various reports and data in privacy while being close enough to the bridge if they are required. The room can also serve as an area where the captain can have one to one meetings with crewmembers. It has a desk along the wall that has the only door in the room. On the desk is a computer work station as well as area to store the captain’s files and folders. A small porthole allows for a starboard view of the ship and anything else that the ship is passing by. Along the back wall is a small arm chair and table for the captain or guests to sit in. The final wall has framed pictures of all the ships that share the same lineage. 


Engineering is on D Deck and is the heart of the ship’s power system. From here the enginering crew oversee and maintain the ship’s systems. In the centre of the room and taking up most of the room is the warp core which feeds off to the ship’s warp naccelles. 


On E Deck is Sickbay which has one main operating bed and four beds for recovery. Sickbay offers the latest medical technology and procedures available to Earth and includes a number of forms of non-Earth created treatments, thanks to the sharing of knowledge with the Denobulans and the Inter-species Medical Programme. 


The Armoury can be found on F Deck and is the ship’s main storage facilities for all ordnance equipment. From here the armoury personnel can fire the ship’s torpedoes, phase cannons and plasma cannons. Handheld phase pistol and rifles are also stored here along with other tools required for the defence and safety of the ship.