Guest Characters

The following are characters that appear from time to time or in a specific storyline in Star Trek: Challenger

Starfleet Officials

Fleet Admiral Moira Hathaway
Starfleet Commander-in-Chief

Fleet Admiral Moira Hathaway, is the current Starfleet Commander-in-Chief. She is in her mid-seventies, has tight short silver and white hair and fading blue eyes. She is of a medium build and short stature. Moira Hathaway is an accomplished leader, manager, and Starfleet Officer. She radiated stern efficiency and practicality in her approach to her work. A selection committee of the United Earth Government had appointed Hathaway to the top job back when her predecessor stood down in 2141. Prior to that she had risen through the ranks after being the captain of the SS Emmette, the prototype for the Emmette-class starship one of Earth’s first early warp-explorers, and was a decorated officer.

Admiral Elaine Clark
Starfleet Commander

Admiral Elaine Clark, is the Starfleet Commander and is quite the formidable woman after Fleet Admiral Hathaway. Originally she trained within the United Earth Space Probe Agency before rising through various positions and eventually transferred over to Starfleet in the 2140s. Her role has her commanding all of Starfleet Assets in the Sol Sector as well as running Starfleet Command Headquarters. She is the second highest ranking officer within Starfleet. 

Vice Admiral Gregory Black
Director of Starfleet Security

Vice Admiral Gregory Black, is one of the highest ranking officers within Starfleet after the Commander-in-Chief and Starfleet Commander. Black is known for his strong, forceful approaches in ensuring the work he leads is carried out correctly. A former general in the United States Army, Black was brought into Starfleet in late 2140s to ensure the service was not compromised by any threats. 

Rear Admiral Samuel Gardner
Director of Starfleet Operations

Rear Admiral Sam Gardner, is the current Director of Starfleet Operations. Gardner was tallish man of African American descent that appeared to be in his late forties. In 2151, he was one of a three people short listed to command the first NX-class ship to leave Earth, however Starfleet Command had given that honour to another man instead; Jonathan Archer. Since then he was given a promotion to Commodore and oversaw Starfleet’s efforts in constructing the planned six NX-class ships as well as upgrading Starfleet’s fleet with the latest technologies on offer. For three years he was the Deputy-Director of Starfleet Operations however all of that changed in 2154 when he was promoted to Rear Admiral. He was ordered to take over as Director of Starfleet Operations after the tragic death Vice Admiral Maxwell Forrest, his superior.

Rear Admiral Céline Jacques
Starfleet Surgeon General

Rear Admiral Céline Jacques M.D, Ph.D, is Starfleet's highest ranking medical officer and is in charge of Starfleet Medical. A renowned doctor, researcher and scientist in the medical field, Jacques grew to fame in the 2140s as Starfleet's first female doctor who was part of a deep space mission. Eventually she rose through the ranks and became a member of the admiralty upon her appointment as Starfleet General Surgeon. She is known for her compassion and excellent bedside manner.  

Commodore Erick Nwakanma
Director of Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Commodore Erick Nwakanma, is the current director of the Corps of Engineers. A gifted engineer himself, Nwakanma originally had been one of the lead engineers for the United Earth Space Probe Agency Friendship Probe Program. He transferred to Starfleet shortly after the launch of Friendship Three and has risen through the chain of command to become the head of all Starfleet Engineers. He is also known to teach the odd lecture at Starfleet Training Command too. 

Captain Madison Burton
Commanding Officer, Voyager NV-03

Captain Madison Burton, is the eldest child out of the four Burton siblings and is commanding officer of the starship Voyager (NV-03). She is married to architect Stephen Braddox and the two were to be parents by mid-2155.

Captain Frank Müller
Commanding Officer, Discovery NX-04

Captain Frank Müller is the commanding officer of the Discovery NX-04. A former roommate of Lloyd Burton from when they were at Starfleet Training Command, the two men have enjoyed a friendly rivalry over the years. 

Commander Jane Astley
Executive Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief

Commander Jane Astley, is the current executive assistant to Fleet Admiral Hathaway. She is renowned in Starfleet. Astley, even with the rank of commander, had a higher level of security clearance compared to most people and was known to be responsible and a willing confidant to the C-in-C. She was also known for her dry and sharp wit that was complimented with a wicked sense of humour.

Commander Roman Burton
Second Officer & Chief Engineer, Discovery NX-04

Commander Roman Burton, is the third eldest child out of the four Burton siblings and is the current second officer and chief engineer on board the Discovery (NX-04). Previously he served on Columbia (NX-02) as its second engineer. He is currently in a committed relationship with the Discovery‘s armoury officer, Lieutenant Nathan Wallis.

Commander Alex Rodham
First Officer & Chief Helm Officer, Discovery NX-04

Commander Alex Rodham, is the current first officer and chief helm officer on the Discovery (NX-04). He is in a committed relationship with Commander Michael Stanton from Challenger. Alex is a gifted pilot and prior to him joining Discovery was one of the professor teaching flight operations at Starfleet Training Command.

Commander Alexa Hanson
Special Investigations Bureau, Starfleet Security

Commander Alexa Hanson, serves in Starfleet Security working with its Special Investigations Bureau. She is known for her grey eyes carrying a sense of strength and intimidation. In 2155, she assisted the Burtons into the investigation of their father's apparent death. Unknown to many in Starfleet, she was working for Fleet Admiral Hathaway to determine the existence of a shadow operation division within Starfleet. With the Burtons she determined what happened to Doctor Frazer Burton and confirmed the rumours of the secretive agency working within Starfleet. Her codename is Agent Minerva. 

Lieutenant Commander John Callahan
Assistant Professor, Starfleet Training Command

Lieutenant Commander John Callahan, originally joined Challenger (NX-03) shortly after Captain Burton’s promotion as the ship’s armoury officer and third officer. He remained with the ship for a month, however soon realised that his marriage and family needed him back on Earth. He requested a transfer back home to be with them and took up a teaching post at Starfleet Training Command.

Lieutenant Commander Nathan Wallis
Chief Armoury Officer, Discovery NX-04

Lieutenant Commander Nathan Wallis, is the third officer and chief armoury officer on board the Discovery NX-04. Wallis is from Australia and was born in outskirts of the city of Melbourne. 

Lieutenant Seth Burton
Chief Helm Officer, Republic NV-02

Lieutenant Seth Burton, is the youngest sibling of the Burton family and is the current chief helm officer on board the Republic (NV-02).

Ensign Ezrah Alcott
Former Chief Helm Officer, Challenger NX-03

Ensign Ezrah Alcott, originally joined Challenger (NX-03) at the start of her mission as her chief helm officer. After being seriously injured as well as experiencing PTSD from being kidnapped by the Orion Syndicate, Alcott returned to Earth to recover.

MACO Officials

General George Casey
MACO Supreme Commander

General George Casey, is the supreme commander of the Military Assault Command Operations. Casey is a strong man both in presence in and physical attributes. He is well respected by those under his command and those who interact with him. Casey is a strong supporter of MACO units supporting Starfleet.

United Earth Commonwealth Officials

President Lydia Littlejohn
Head of State, United Earth Commonwealth

President Lydia Littlejohn, is the current Head of State for the United Earth Commonwealth and the de-facto Commander-in-Chief of all Earth forces. She is a highly popular figure.

Prime Minister Nathan Samuels
Head of Government, United Earth Commonwealth

Prime Minister Nathan Samuels, is the current Head of Government for the United Earth Commonwealth. Samuels oversaw the clear-up operations of the Terra Prime insurgency during 2154.

Deputy Prime Minister Kalinda Malik
United Earth Commonwealth

Deputy Prime Minister Kalinda Malik, is one of the most senior members of the United Earth Cabinet. Kalinda Malik is of Indian decent and had been Samuels’ running mate in the last general election. She held the parliamentary seat for central India and had been a MP for almost seven years now. A former professor of politics, similar to Secretary Campbell, Earth’s press labelled the two women as Samuels’ two most powerful women in the cabinet.

Secretary of State Madilyn Campbell
Department of Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, United Earth Commonwealth

Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs Secretary of State Madilyn Campbell is one of Earth’s famed diplomats and politicians. Being the former Ambassador to Denobula, she is an excellent negotiator and public speaker. Her wit and intelligence make her favourable with many of Earth’s allies.

Secretary of State Haroun al-Rashid
Department of Interior Office, United Earth Commonwealth
Home (Interior Office) Secretary of State Haroun al-Rashid is an Arabic politician that had been part of the Earth delegates for the talks for the Coalition of Planets in 2155. He was also considered one of Prime Minister Samuels’ closets political allies and friends.
Former Secretary of Defence Matthew Stark
Department of Defence, United Earth Commonwealth

Defence Secretary of State Matthew Stark, is an American from California in his early forties. He was the Member of Parliament for the west coast constituency of the United States. The former Chief Executive Officer of a successful international munitions company, he decided to run for Parliament at the request of Samuels in the previous general election. Now his wife ran the company while he worked as Earth’s Defence Secretary, many in the press believed there would be a conflict of interest in him having the position but his wife, along with the governing board of their company had agreed not to re-sign their contract with Earth’s defence agencies while he held the office. Since his wife succeeded him, she had pushed the company to begin researching in the fields of energy and communication advancement. They were now becoming one of Earth’s rising companies in these industries. Stark resigned from his position as the Defence Secretary in late 2155 and as an MP. He returned to the private sector to work with his wife. He was replaced by his deputy. 

Secretary of Defence Thomas Vanderbilt
Department of Defence, United Earth Commonwealth

Defence Secretary of State Thomas Vanderbilt, is a Canadian from Whitehorse and is in his early forties. He was the Member of Parliament for the constituency of North Canada. He is married to Captain Diana Paulsen, commanding officer of the Poseidon NP-01. 

Other Humans

Doctor Fraser Burton

Doctor Fraser Burton, was one of Earth’s leading physicists and used to work at Cambridge University. He was the husband of Professor Lynette Burton and father to Madison, Lloyd, Roman and Seth Burton. Fraser’s was as famous as Henry Archer and Zefram Cochrane. During the end of 2155, Burton was killed during a shuttlecraft accident.

Professor Dame Lynette Burton
Professor Dame Lynette Burton, is a retired exo-archaeologist of Oxford University. She is currently CEO of a charity organisation that supports a range of projects. She was the wife of Doctor Fraser Burton and is mother to Madison, Lloyd, Roman and Seth Burton.
Stephen Braddock

Stephen Braddock, is an architect from New York and is married to Captain Madison Burton. The two of them have known each other for years and met through a mutual friend. They have son, Oliver. 

Anneliese Levesque
Art Teacher

Anneliese Levesque is a petit woman; she is a force to be reckoned with when it came to her being highly protective of her family. It was her strength which her daughters had inherited from her that made them so successful. Her kind, caring nature make her an excellent teacher - something she has done for almost fifty years now at her local college. Her free spirit only enhances her approach to teaching art to so many young people. Her almost grey/silver hair is always kept in the same fashion: tied up in a bun with bangs swiped almost to the right. Even though she is in her early seventies now, many people think she is at least ten years younger. She has kept herself active through her work as well as being so active in her children’s lives as well as her grandchildren’s. As a result of that, she has earned the pet-name of “super nan” by them.

Anthony Levesque
retired Sheriff

Anthony Levesque, is known for being witty, intelligent, and formidable - all the great qualities of a father. Being the former County Sheriff for Napa, he is well-known in the local community. After he retired from his position of sheriff, many had asked him to go on to enter politics, but he told his supporters the political life was not one he wanted. He is a pragmatic, charming, and tough man who is known for his ability to be graceful under pressure. He is only a few centimetres taller than his wife and shared the same colour of hair, although in most places his hair appeared whiter than hers. Anthony had always put the needs of his children first and safety above his. Since leaving the Sheriff’s office, he has continued a small business venture he started when he was younger, running a small restaurant in the town. It is a typical bistro and many of his daughter's produce appeared heavily in its menu. Luckily for its patrons, Anthony did not cook. He had hired an old friend of the family's to be his head chef, while Anthony had gone on to run the business side of the bistro and be its de factor maître d’. He enjoys welcoming customers, engaging with them and ensuring the entire staff were happy. Again, like his wife, he is in his early seventies and no-one would think that with the way he carried on.

Hadrien Levesque

Hadrien Levesque, is the oldest of all of the Levesque siblings. Known as the quieter one among his siblings, Hadrien worked hard when younger and went on to study as a biologist. Understanding what laid beyond Earth’s atmosphere had excited him. He had taken his passion and is an exobiologist at Princeton University. Later on in his life he married Julia, a lawyer. Both he and Julia had settled in New Jersey, so they were able to get to their work without any issues. Along with that they had made a home in New Jersey after their eldest daughter, Adele, was born and was followed by their youngest, Léonie later. Hadrien had worked part-time so he could still be around his daughters while Julia was one of New York’s most successful lawyers.

Julia Levesque

Julia Levesque, is the wife of Hadrien Levesque and sister-in-law of Nicole Levesque. A managing named partner of a top New York law firm, Julia is slightly taller than Nicole. She is known for being strong-willed and having a great senses of humour. The mother of Adele and Léonie, Julia tries her best to put her family first but finds her work can prevent her from doing that some of the time. She is ruthless  in court and had once been tipped to run for public office as New York’s District Attorney, however declined as she felt the pressure of campaigning would take its toll on her family.

Claudia Walker
Vineyard Owner

Claudia Walker, is the eldest daughter of the Levesque siblings. Married to Cooper Walker, a Starfleet officer, she is also mother to their son Mackenzie. Out of everyone in her family, she is the most outgoing and outrageous one. She is confident and knows what she wants out of life. Claudia had taken over the vineyard she had worked out for most of her life, when her former boss had passed away and had left it to her in his will. Since then both her and Cooper had developed it into a thriving business.

Caitlyn McKenna
Elementary school teacher

Caitlyn McKenna, is the youngest sister of the Levesque siblings. Married to Scotty McKenna, the two of them have Gabriel their son. An elementary teacher by trade, Caitlyn is different to her two older sisters. Unlike the rest of her siblings, Caitlyn is a home girl and rarely left the confines of California. Her and Scotty had met when they were training to be teachers. 

Scotty McKenna
Elementary School Vice Principal

Scott ' Scotty' McKenna, is the husband to Caitlyn McKenna and father of Gabriel. He is a Vice Principal of a small Elementary School in California. 

Elijah Levesque-Holden

Elijah Levesque-Holden, is the youngest Levesque sibling and is known as the calmer one out of them all. He is also the most determined with his life, he is career driven and this is reflect with how far he has got in life. Married at twenty-four after being with his husband Thomas Holden and the two went on in 2153 to adopt their son Luke. He had been orphaned after his family, who had been friends of Elijah’s and Thomas’, had died in the Xindi attack. Being his godfathers, Elijah and Thomas were quick to take the youngster in their care. Elijah works as a lawyer at the New York firm ran by his sister-in-law, Julia. 

Thomas Levesque-Holden

Thomas Levesque-Holden, is the husband of Elijah (the youngest Levesque sibling) and father to Luke. With his husband, the two of them are junior partners in a law firm in New York and always commute home to California at the weekends. The two of them had been friends at high school before they finally admitted their feelings for one another. In fact, it had been Nicole and Claudia (Elijah's two oldest sisters) who had pushed Elijah to tell Thomas how he felt by asking him to the senior prom as his date. The rest was history, the two of them had gone to Harvard Law School together and were quickly headhunted to join one of New York's top firms. Unlike his husband, Thomas is a bit louder, loves his sports and keeps active. He and his brother-in-law, Cooper, had always competed in the New York and London marathons each year. Along with that they were always the first ones to get involved in playing sports with the children when the family was altogether.

Andorian Empire Officials

Chancellor Chamargerit zh’Thacker
Head of State & Government, Andorian Empire

Chancellor Chamargerit zh’Thacker, is the Andorian ambassador to Earth and one of the lead diplomats for the Andorian delegation for the Coalition Compact. A former general in the Andorian Imperial Guard, she currently holds an honouree rank of general and in early 2155 campaigned to become the next Andorian Chancellor. Her campaign was successful and she was appointed to the chancellorship later on in the year. Six months into office and was seen as one of the most progressive and liberal leaders to take the top spot in the Empire. She enacted a number of social and economic transformation for the Andorian people. Furthermore, she went on to strengthen the ties between Andoria and its Coalition partners.

Commander Ashanthi zh’Becthor
Commanding Officer of the IGS Avenkerev

Commander Ashanthi zh’Becthor (Anthi), is the  Commanding Officer of the IGS Avenkerev. A loyal member of the Andorian Imperial Guard, Anthi is a strong supporter of the alliance between Earth and Andoria. She has become a close ally of Captain Lloyd Burton.

United Planets of Tellar Officials

Ambassador Kora gym Gouth
Ambassador to Earth
Ambassador Kora gym Gouth, is the Tellarite ambassador to Earth and led the Tellarite delegation in the talks over the Coalition Compact. She is one of the few Tellarite politicians who appeared to be amicable.

Vulcan Confederacy Officials

Ambassador Soron
Vulcan Ambassador to Earth
Ambassador Soron, is the Vulcan ambassador to Earth after his predecessor, Soval, was made the Foreign Minister for the Vulcan government. Soron had been a member of Soval’s staff for years, gaining the position of an envoy prior to him gaining his ambassadorship.

Denobulan Fellowship Republic Officials

Premier Nerlox
Head of State & Government, Denobulan Fellowship Republic

Premier Nerlox, is the head of state and government for the Denobulan Fellowship Republic. His party has the largest number of seats in the Denobulan Congress. He is close friends with Secretary Campbell of Earth.