There have been a number of ships named Challenger from Earth’s history. Below are those that have noted exploits. Their pictures all hang in the captain’s ready room.

HMS Challenger

The HMS Challenger was a steam-assisted ship from the British Royal Navy, Pearl-class corvette. She was launched from the Woolwhich Dockyards on February 13th, 1858. She was made famous for being the first ship to undertake the first global marine research expedition. Her good deeds on this journey were named the Challenger Expedition. She was decomissioned at Chatham Dockyards in 1878.

Space Shuttle Challenger OV-099

The Space Shuttle Challenger was part of the United States of America’s Orbiter vehicle fleet, under the control of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She was the second shuttle to enter space and the third shuttle built. Her maiden flight was on April 4th, 1983 and she served NASA for three years before her tragic lost on January 28th, 1986. The shuttle had undertaken nine missions before exploding seventy-three seconds after its launch. The destruction of Challenger resulted in the death of all seven crewmembers on board, including the first teacher in space.

HMS Challenger (R-10)

The HMS Challenger was a Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier from the British Royal Navy Fleet. She was launched in 2054 from Portsmouth Dockyards, a year after World War Three ended and a global cease-fire agreement had been signed. The HMS Challenger was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain’s attempts to rebuild after the war and ensure peace was kept in British waters and the Atlantic Ocean. The HMS Challenger was the flagship of a combined British-American task force assigned to protect supply lines between North America and Europe. The ship and its crew were awarded and commended by His Majesty King William V for their service. HMS Challenger was decomissioned in 2132 and was moored as part of the historic dockyards at Portsmouth for public viewing.

Challenger NX-03

The United Earth starship Challenger was the third NX-class ship to be launched in 2155. The ship was part of Humanity’s ongoing efforts to explore deep space with a Warp-5 engine. The ship was launched under the command of Captain Lloyd Burton.