The Medical department is responsible for crew’s health and wellbeing. Below are the various jobs that make up this department.

Chief Medical Officer 

The Chief Medical Officer is the senior most physician on board the ship and is responsible for the entire crew’s health and wellbeing. They are highly qualified doctor in various fields which can range from basic medical practice to surgery to psychiatry. The Chief Medical Officer is one of only a handful people who could relieve crewmembers from duty and is the only one on board to do this to the commanding officer. 

Nursing Officer 

The second most senior medical practitioner on board, the Nursing Officer is an experienced nurse who supports the Chief Medical Officer. 

Nurse (2)

The nurses are two enlisted officers normally with the ranks of petty officers. They again support the running of the medical department and normally deal with minor illnesses and injuries. 

Healthcare Assistant (2)

The Healthcare assistants support the medical department through performing various tasks from helping the CMO and nurses on duties to dealing with administrative work to supporting various research projects on illnesses and vaccines/cures.