The Science department is responsible for investigating and recording the ship’s discoveries. Below are the various jobs that make up this department.

Chief Science Officer 

The senior most officer of the Science Department, the CSO oversees and coordinates all scientific research and experiments aboard ship. The CSO has final say over the Science Department’s focus during any given mission. The CSO must also approve all projects before resources and lab space may be used. Because of Starfleet’s mission of exploration, the CSO is a member of the senior staff and is often the ship’s Executive or Second Executive Officer. The CSO must also be knowledgeable in at least the five general scientific fields. 

Assistant Chief Science Officer 

As the second highest rated science officer aboard ship, the ASCO must be an experienced scientist and above average administrator. Usually an officer with several years of field experience, the ACSO like their immediate superior is proficient in several different scientific disciplines, in addition to their own specialty. The ACSO usually handles any day to day administrative duties in the department and will stand a shift on the bridge. The ACSO aboard NX class ships is usually a Lieutenant. 

General Science Officers

Unlike their counterparts aboard the NV & NY class vessels where the GSOs make up make up the majority of the science staff; the GSOs aboard NX class vessels are usually the most junior officers of the science department. Only a couple of years out of the Academy, GSOs have yet to declare or achieve their specialist ratings. During away missions, at least one GSO is usually included in the landing party in support of either the Chief or Assistant Chief Science Officer. It is the GSO’s job to make the initial scientific survey of the planet/environment/ phenomena and recommend which specialized section will handle any analysis. GSOs are junior officers usually ranked Ensign to Lieutenant Junior grade, and serve as bridge science officers on a rotating basis. 

Research Assistant 

The Enlisted member of the Science Department the RA’s handle the majority of the day to day minutiae of their respective divisions. Each RA has at least once specialty and is assigned to one of the five main science sections. Depending on the situation, the RA’s can be loaned out to other section to assist in major projects. 

Science Divisions 

Upwards of 50 officers and crew of various specializations. Because of the size and range of the NX class vessels compared to their NV & NY counterparts Starfleet had the opportunity to expand the science capabilities aboard ship. In addition to the extensive scientific capabilities and labs, Starfleet also saw fit to expand the science staff. The majority of the science department officers are experienced specialists in many different fields. These officers and specialists are separated into five different divisions; Astro/Stellar, Biological, Physical, Planetary and Cultural – Sciences. Because of the size of the department, many of the specialists assist in the other departments aboard ship during both emergency and non-emergency situations. 

Stellar – Helm
Stellar & Physical – Engineering
Biological – Medical
Cultural – Communications

Overall breakdown of each member of the department

Chief Science Officer & Executive Officer 
Assistant Chief Science Officer
General Science Officer x5

Astronomical/Stellar Sciences
Chief Astrophysicist – Astro/Stellar Sciences Section Head 
Stellar Cartographer
Second Cartographer (Enlisted/Warrant Officer)?
Navigations Specialist/Physical Cosmologist
Spatial Distortions Specialist
Stellar Dynamics Theorist
Research Assistant x 3 (Enlisted)

Biological Sciences
Chief Biologist – Biological Sciences Section Head
Botanist/Hydroponics Specialist
Research Assistant x 3 (Enlisted)

Physical Sciences
Chief Physicist – Physical Sciences Section Head
Particle Physicist/ Subspace Theorist
First Quantum Physicist
Second Quantum Physicist (Warrant Officer)
Research Assistant x 3 (Enlisted)

Planetary Sciences
Chief Planetary Specialist – Planetary Sciences Section Head
Atmospheric Specialist
Research Assistant x 3 (Enlisted)

Cultural Sciences
Chief Exo Anthropologist – Anthropology Section Head
Exo Archeologist
Second Anthropologist (Warrant Officer)
Second Archeologist (Warrant Officer)
Research Assistant x 3 (Enlisted)