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All screen captures are copyright images and property of Paramount Pictures (CBS), no copy infringement was intended.

Artist pictures of the NX-class used in rotating banners are created by Jetfreak-7.

The ranks used were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG Please do not modify the images in any way. If you wish to obtain them and an up-to-date copy, access the Kuro-RPG Website.

Special Thanks & Honourable Mentions

Vince, BFCO and Kyle, TF64CO, for their support, encouragement and permission for the setup of this fiction simulation.

All former members of Bravo Fleet’s Task Force 21 for the great memories – they’ll never be forgotten!

This fiction simulation is specially dedicated to the fun and creative times shared by the former simulation that it is based on. All of the players that were a part of it were amazing to write with. This is a way of preserving our memories and work!