Category: Storyline Update!

Chapter 6 is released!

The Challenger‘s crew is encouraged to write final goodbyes to their loved ones, read what some of the crew wrote in this latest update in Chapter 6!

Chapter 5 is released!

The latest chapter for Tholian Stratagem is now ready! Fleet Captain Burton prepares his crew for the upcoming battle while someone tries to stop Lieutenant Hennessey’s efforts in decrypting the Romulan database! Read more here!

Chapter 4 is ready!

Read the next chapter in our exciting story: The Tholian Stratagem. Captain Burton prepares to take the fight back to the Romulans while Lieutenant Hennessey begins to dig up some hidden truth among allies! Alongside this watch out for the cameo of one of Endeavour’s finest too!

Chapter 3 – missed but available!

Apologies for not having the announcement out about Chapter 3, but it was available since the 27th March 2021. Enjoy the next instalment as Burton and crew say their final goodbye to their former MACO lead, Major Yu.

The Tholian Stratagem – Chapter 2 released!

A return home to Earth starts with the crew saying their goodbye to fallen comrades and the challenge to solve a new mystery begins. Chapter 2 is ready for all to enjoy!

Chapter 1 goes live!

Chapter One of The Tholian Stratagem is now available!

The Final Parts!

The concluding chapters of “A Shot In The Dark” are now available! Things will change so much for our beloved characters! Enjoy!

Chapter 5 goes live!

Chapter 5 of “A Shot In The Dark” is available! The drama keeps heating up in our epic storyline as part of the Earth-Romulan War!

Chapter 4 is ready!

Head on over to see the next exciting chapter of ‘A Shot In The Dark’ to see what has happened to the Discovery NX-04.

Chapter 3 is released!

We apologies in the long delay in sharing Chapter 3 of our current story, but do not fear here it is! Enjoy!