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Crew changes

To reflect the recent changes in the crew on Challenger, the new crew pictures are being updated. Biographies will follow soon!

New Lore section added!

Take a look at our new Lore section, which includes background information for our storytelling!

New Guest Characters Section!

Check out our Guest Character page for all the characters that appear in Star Trek: Challenger!

Chapter 2 is out & meet some of our MACO heroes!

Head over to see Chapter 2 of While The Iron Is Hot! Also take a look at the new crew bios for: Second Lieutenant Luis Trommler Staff Sergeant Rupesh Iyer Corporal Liam Jenkins Be warned though, their bios may reveal some SPOILERS!

More data

We are in the process of expanding our database to include more exciting things. Take a look at the latest here!

So it begins…

The Challenger‘s site is now up and running, so a warm welcome to our visitors! Please take a look at what our site offers. More updates will come in the following weeks regarding crew members and other information relevant to the 22nd Century! Head over to our first story, “While The Iron Is Hot” to…
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