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New Story: The Tholian Stratagem

The war continues, but the crew of the Challenger must come to terms with their losses and welcome new members. Alongside this they must find out why the Romulans have been targeted by the Tholian Assembly. Has Earth finally found a powerful new ally? Check out the prologue here!

Let slip the dogs of war…

We launch our first official story involving the Romulan War with the crew of the Challenger. Take a look at the prologue to “A Shot In The Dark“.

‘All For One & One For All’ released!

We’re happy to share that the next story from the brave crew of Challenger is now live. Captain Burton and his crew must deal with the repercussions of returning home and dealing with their private lives as well as their professional ones. To top it off they are also dealing with the war that now…
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“The Sky’s The Limit” – start to read now!

Our next adventure with the crew of the Challenger has now started. Please head over to read The Sky’s The Limit.

Start to read “Hell Hath No Fury” today!

The third and final instalment in the Challenger’s opening arc is now online to be read. “Hell Hath No Fury” brings Challenger to Andoria after the election of a new Andorian chancellor, someone the crew knows well. However the Romulan Star Empire aren’t too keen on the new Andorian leader and her involvement in the…
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“Birds of Feather” – RELEASED!

Our second story in the Challenger NX-era universe has been uploaded! Head over today to start reading it!