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Lore Update: Starfleet Fleet Roster

A recent update to our lore section, including the roster of Starfleet’s fleet.

Lore Update: Starfleet Fleet Roster

The latest addition to our Lore section, includes a fleet registry of all ships that Starfleet have or are operating in 2155. We will endeavour to keep this up to date as new information about the ships are shared. Take a look here today!

New Lore: United Earth Starfleet

Ever wanted to know what Starfleet looked like before the Federation? Then take a look at our lore section today and read all about it!

Lore update: United Earth Commonwealth entry goes live!

Take a look at our Lore section today and find out so much about the United Earth Commonwealth! Find out: Who was the first President of the United Earth! When the United Earth Government was formed! Which nations were last to join! What happened to Earth prior to the launch of Enterprise in 2151! And…
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