Canon Characters

Due to the time period of our writing, below is just an insight on where some of the beloved canon characters from Star Trek: Enterprise are within our universe.

Commodore Jonathan Archer
Commanding Officer, Enterprise NX-01

Commodore Jonathan Archer has become a significant figure Since taking command of Enterprise NX-01 in 2151. He has become well known within the United Earth Commonwealth as well as the Coalition of Planets for his skills as an explorer, diplomat and tactician. These have been developed with every light-year and encounter he has engaged with. Archer was promoted by Starfleet Commander-in-Chief, Fleet Admiral Moira Hathaway, to Commodore at the start of 2156. Ever since the declaration of war against the Romulan Star Empire, Archer has been working hard to expand the Coalition of Planets and find other powers to join the fight against the Romulan war machine. 

Commander T'Pol
First Officer & Chief Science Officer, Enterprise NX-01

Commander T'Pol of Vulcan, is the first ever Vulcan to receive a Starfleet field commission and to join the Earth's interstellar navy. T'Pol, who had been a member of the Vulcan High Command, joined Archer and his crew in 2151 and has loyally served him since then. During this time she has become a key player in Earth-Vulcan relations. When war was declared against the Romulan Star Empire, T'Pol had been a huge supporter of the Vulcan High Command's efforts in supporting the war. 

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III
Former Second Officer & Chief Engineer, Enterprise NX-01

Commander Charles ("Trip") Tucker III, was the chief engineer and second officer of Enterprise NX-01 from 2155-2155. Sadly, prior to the declaration of war against the Romulan Star Empire, Tucker was killed in the line of action. Enterprise had been on its way to the signing treaty of the Coalition of Planets when it was noted that the ship was attacked by mercenaries. To avoid Captain Archer being killed when the ship was boarded, Tucker sacrificed himself to defend his best friend. Doctor Phlox confirmed Tucker's death shortly after this incident.

Lieutenant Commander Malcolm Reed
Second Officer & Chief Armoury Officer, Enterprise NX-01

Lieutenant Commander Malcolm Reed, is the second officer and chief armoury officer of the starship Enterprise NX-01. Coming from a family that has deep historical ties to the British military, Reed has become one of Commodore Archer's trustiest officers since 2151. Even though he eventually shared with Archer in 2154 that he worked for undisclosed intelligence group, Reed has proven time and time again that he is a loyal member of the crew. He was made a lieutenant commander in 2155 and took over as second officer after the tragic death of his colleague and close friend, Commander Charles Tucker III. 

Lieutenant Hoshi Sato
Chief Communications Officer & Protocol Officer, Enterprise NX-01

Lieutenant Hoshi Sato is the Chief Communication and Protocol Officer on board Earth's flagship, Enterprise NX-01.After successfully making a number of updates to Earth's universal translator, she was promoted to the full rank of lieutenant in mid-2155. She is a renowned linguistic and has written a number of protocols dealing with aliens encountered by Enterprise. Along with this she is a strong and confident cryptanalysis, breaking many codes and secure messages created by the Romulans. 

Lieutenant junior grade Travis Mayweather
Chief Helm Officer, Enterprise NX-01

Lieutenant junior grade Travis Mayweather is the Chief Helm Officer of the starship Enterprise NX-01. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade in 2155 by Captain Archer after four years of loyal service. He has been a stedfast figure on Enterprise and on many occasions has assisted in being a liaison between the ship and other Earth Cargo Vessels during convey duties. An ace pilot, Mayweather has saved the ship on more than one occasion during a battle. 

Doctor Phlox
Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise NX-01

Phlox has been the Chief Medical Officer of the starship Enterprise NX-01 since its first mission in 2155. Becoming the first Denobulan who has served in a senior role on board an Earth ship, Phlox's medical insight has saved many of the crew many times. Due to his position, Phlox has been instrumental in supporting Starfleet Medical in preparing its own doctors to understand what is expected of them in deep space. Not only has Commodore Archer depended on Phlox with his medical skills but has also come to see Phlox as one of his closets advisors.