Alex Rodham

Alexander “Alex” Wesley Rodham, BS, MS is a Starfleet officer and the current Executive Officer and Chief Helm Officer of the starship Challenger (NX-03). Alex is considered one of Starfleet’s finest trained pilots, even though he originally applied to become a science officer. Gaining promotions quickly, he has worked his way up through the ranks because of his natural talents in flying starships and strong leadership qualities. Prior to joining Challenger he was stationed on Discovery (NX-04).

Biographical Information
Homeworld:United Earth, Sol System
Birth:January 17th, 2120 (age: 35)
Height:6′ 3″ (1.88 m)
Weight:174 Ilbs 
Political Information
AffiliationUnited Earth Commonwealth
PostingChallenger (NX-03)
PositionExecutive Officer
& Chief Helm Officer


Mother: Diane Rodham, BA, JD, President of the United States of America

Father: Logan Marsh BS, JD, (deceased)

Stepfather: Walter Lance, BA, JD First Gentleman of the United States of America

Ensign Joseph Rodham, Engineer, Enterprise (NX-01) 

Sister: Doctor Nancy Whitty BS, MD, General Practitioner, Alpha Centauri  

Brother-in-law: Doctor Ronnie Whitty, BS, MD, General Practitioner, Alpha Centauri  

Husband: Commander Michael Stanton, First Officer & Chief Engineer, Challenger (NX-03) (deceased)


Early Life

Alex was born on January 17th, 2123 in New York City to his parents Diane and Logan, both of whom were high-flying lawyers. The middle child of three, Alex was known as the social-able one out of his siblings. He was very close to his older sister, Nancy and extremely protective of his youngest brother Joseph (Joe).  

Working hard at school, Alex knew how to balance out his studies alongside enjoying his sports of soccer, lacrosse and basketball as well as hockey. He captained his high school’s basketball team for more than one season, leading them to become state champions in his last year. Alongside this he was also known for his various love interests, from dating the head cheerleader to class president before he eventually declared his feelings for his best friend Nick. The two of them dated during their last year, becoming the Prom Kings for their class. During high school, both of his parents decided to divorce due to his father not willing to be part of his mother’s ambition of a political career. By the time Alex graduated she was elected the Mayor of New York City. 

After graduating from New York City University with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, Alex applied to join Starfleet. He wanted to put his degree to some use and felt that joining Starfleet seemed like the popular choice to make. This decision ruined his relationship with Nick, who wanted to move to Connecticut to undertake a job there. The two decided to call at a day on their relationship. 

Early Career

Because of his break-up with Nick, this affected Alex’s scoring on the Starfleet admission exams. Fortunately for him, his score for the various physical endurance tests was noticeably higher. In 2141 he entered Starfleet as a cadet. It was the best thing to happen to Alex, especially as his mother’s political career was flying since she was elected to the office of Governor of New York. He remained in firm contact with his brother and sister through letters and several times had Joe visited and stayed with him in San Francisco. 

Alex found being in the strict disciplinary environment of Starfleet Training Command to be incredibly easy to deal with. He loved the physical drills and combat training much more than the average cadet did. It was only in the first few weeks of joining STC that he decided to change his mind in what he wanted to do with his life, no longer was he interested in social sciences but was keen to become a pilot. He was okay with some of the coursework but found the engineering and technical aspects more difficult to comprehend at first. This was somewhat eased by the fact that his roommate, Michael Stanton, was almost completely opposite in terms of abilities, so they worked together to study and to train during their first year to get through their various exams. This friendship continued throughout his time at the training program, and eventually built into a romantic relationship, which was something he had wanted to explore with Michael for a long time. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened with Nick, so he took it slow with Michael. The two of them became quite the couple on campus. 

By the time he came to the end of his second year, his professors had noted how quickly he had adapted in changing fields of study so early on in his training. He was known as a gifted pilot and started to show a constant interest in flying, more and more so. In group work, he was the natural leader due to everyone always feeling at east around him, especially when he used his charming abilities to convince people to agree with his way of thinking. Eventually he graduated from STC as a fully qualified pilot along with a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering. 

Rhine ND-12

Joining the newly built and christened Ganges-class to launch from Earth, Alex thoroughly enjoyed his time on board the Rhine. Being the chief helm officer, Rodham was highly thought of by his commanding officer, Captain Keong Rhee. The Korean skipper was a former pilot himself, as such he enjoyed sharing tales of his early flight training, his own involvement in a range of test flights and flying starships. Rhee, who had grown up on a cargo ship, had learnt how to fly at an early age. This was something that Rodham envied his superior officer for. The Rhine was assigned to mostly patrols between the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems. Rarely did the ship see any action as a result, Alex found the time to become extremely familiar with starship operations and was tutored under the ship’s chief engineer to understand more about the ship’s systems. This was something he loved doing during his spare time. Along with this he would write and send messages regularly to Michael. By the end of his second year on the ship, he was informed of his father’s passing from a heart attack. Alex was unable to get back home in time for the funeral but remained in constant contact with his younger brother who decided he would eventually follow his brother’s footsteps and join Starfleet too. After three years of service, two promotions and being made the second officer of the Rhine, Captain Rhee recommended that Rodham joined another ship to spread his wings a bit more to get used to what else Starfleet offered. 

Sputnik NV-10

Rodham left the Rhine at Alpha Centauri at the end of 2148 and took a flight back to Earth to join the newly built Intrepid-class ship: Sputnik. The ship would be the last NV-class to be built as Starfleet was planning to focus on decommissioning older ships and building the newer NX-class ships. The Sputnik was commanded by newly promoted Captain Dmitri Ostrov. Ostrov was a younger captain and had accepted Rodham’s application to be his chief helm officer and second officer. The two of them had got on extremely well. Ostrov, was by nature an engineer and found himself too often tinkering with the ship during his off time. Again, Alex would learn a lot more from Ostrov. He found his leadership approach different to Rhee’s more traditional methods. In 2149 the Sputnik was assigned the duty of leading a convoy of colonists to the Altair system where they would assist in further construction of the colony. Altair was one of Earth’s furthest colonies at that point in time and was closely protected and supported by the Vulcan Confederacy. During mid-flight the ship received a distress call from a Denobulan vessel who reported they were under attack by unknown assailants. By the time the Sputnik arrived to provide assistance the attacker was in the process of trying to board the Denobulans. Firing its plasma cannons and spatial torpedoes, the Earth ship was able to drive the unknown attackers away. Alex’s fancy flying meant that the ship itself was not touched once when the attackers tried to defend themselves from the Sputnik’s assault. Rodham would lead one of the recovery teams over to the Denobulan ship. 

During his tenure on the Sputnik, he and Michael decided to formally break-up. They could no longer keep their long-distance relationship working. Trying to move on from the person he thought was the love of his life, Alex got extremely drunk with Captain Ostrov and ended up in bed with his commanding officer. The next morning Alex regretted the entire ordeal, as did Ostrov and Rodham placed a request for a transfer. By mid-2151 he left the Sputnik and took on a position of teaching at Starfleet Training Command. 

Starfleet Training Command

With a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and giving a position of assistant professor, Alex was giving the opportunity to train and prepare the next generation of Starfleet pilots. His assignment on Earth becoming even better when he discovered that Michael had also taken up a similar role, in engineering, at STC. The two decided to keep their relationship light and over the next four years would have an on/off relationship. While home, Alex had to deal with the fact his mother had re-married and was now the Vice President of the United States of America. Due to her high-profile job, Alex had been given a protection detail, eventually though he made a request for Starfleet to oversee his security which they gladly agreed to do so he could get on with his job. Rodham excelled in his position as a teacher and on many occasions was asked to assist in flying high officials too. On one occasion he flew President Littlejohn to view the Warp Five Complex in orbit of Earth prior to the launch of Columbia NX-02. By the end of 2154, Alex applied to join the NX Program as he wanted to fly one of the fastest ships in the fleet. Along with that his mother had just won her election to become President of the United States and he wanted to avoid any complications that may now bring him. Being off on a starship had its positives!

Discovery NX-04

Offered the chance to fly the fourth NX-class ship came to Rodham in early 2155 when Captain Frank Müller was looking for a pilot. Rodham was successful and initially was offered the dual role of chief helm officer and second officer. Discovery was eventually launched in early May with Alex at the helm. When war was declared with the Romulan Star Empire during mid-July, Commander Lianne Porter (the ship’s first officer and chief science officer) was promoted to captain and given command of the Atlas NP-10. Müller promoted Rodham to his first officer with the rank of commander soon after. 

Rodham’s relationship with Michael improved as both of them were able to remain in more contact with one another due to Stanton’s assignment to the Challenger NX-03. At the start of October 2155, Michael eventually proposed to Alex who said yes. They got married in a small ceremony on board Discovery. Shortly after they had finished saying their vowels, the ship was ordered to save the farming colony on Gault. During this mission, Rodham would command Discovery while his newly married husband would help Captain Müller find the colonists who had gone into hiding. After saving the colonists, the ship returned to Earth. At the end of the month, the ship was sent to defend the colony on Deneva. Rodham’s flying gave the ship the chance it needed to distract the Romulan force, long enough for other Earth ships to make it to the colony. Taking the ship into the Barrens, an area within a subspace node, Rodham’s impressive flying abilities allowed the crew the chance to overwhelm the Romulan drone ships. As a result they were able to capture one of the ships. The Romulans had sent two more drone ships to chase down Discovery. Both attacking ships were able to damage the Earth ship, but the sudden arrival of Challenger saved the crew from destruction. During the battle though, Rodham was injured and was taken by his crewmates to safety when the captain ordered them to abandon ship. The crew were never able to follow out the order since the arrival of their sister ship saved them. Rodham spent some time recovering in Challenger’s sickbay.

Eventually he went on to support Captain Müller’s plan to attack a Romulan base that was located deep in their space. It’s destruction would give them a significant blow as it would remove their ability to control drone ships and deploy their telepresence capturing system from a long range. Rodham would go on to command Discovery further in Müller’s absence while he commanded the team that led the attack on the captured drone ship. Together Challenger and Discovery worked together, however Rodham was not happy when his husband volunteered to join Müller’s team on the captured ship. 

After the mission had been successfully carried out, Rodham was informed of the devastating news that his husband had sacrificed himself to save the rest of the team by remaining behind on the captured drone ship to detonate its warp core. The tragic loss of Michael forced Alex to reconsider his career choices. As Müller was able to return to his post, but Michael wasn’t, Rodham felt he could no longer remain as Müller’s first officer. As Challenger had not only lost its first officer with Michael’s sacrifice, but its pilot (Lieutenant Conrad) had died in the line of duty too. As such he made a request to honour Michael by transferring to Challenger and succeeding him as the ship’s first officer and chief pilot. Burton and Müller both agreed to the transfer.

Challenger NX-03

Alex joined Challenger after it returned to Earth. Initially he found it hard to leave Discovery, but after requesting to have Michael’s former quarters he eventually found himself developing a good working relationship with Fleet Captain Burton. 

Service Record

First Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2141-2142
Second Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2142-2143
Third Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2143-2144
Fourth Year CadetStarfleet Training Command2144-2145
Chief Helm OfficerRhine (ND-12)2145-2147
Chief Helm Officer & Third OfficerRhine (ND-12)2147-2148
Chief Helm Officer & Second OfficerRhine (ND-12)2148
Chief Helm Officer & Second OfficerSputnik (NV-10)2148-2150
Chief Helm Officer & Second OfficerSputnik (NV-10)2150-2151
Assistant Professor (Flight Operations)Starfleet Training Command2150-2152
Chief Helm Officer & Second OfficerDiscovery (NX-04)2155
Chief Helm Officer & Executive OfficerDiscovery (NX-04)2155
Chief Helm Officer & Executive OfficerChallenger (NX-03)2155

Other information


Alex has a strong and toned muscular athletic build. He always keeps himself tidy and presentable on duty. Generally, he keeps his hair in a short-combed back style. He normally lets a bit of stubble grow before shaving it off.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A strong and capable leader when required to, Alex is known to combine and use a range of leadership techniques to encourage and empower those who work for him. He has found it hard not to become too close to those under his command, a trait he has been slowly working on since he became an instructor. Working hard in learning new skills and knowledge is a strength of Alex’s too. He has become quite the proficient engineer, but this was something he did not boast too much about in front of Michael. 


Alex had wanted to command his own starship for a short while before returning to Earth to have a family with Michael, however with Michael’s death he is content on serving under Burton. That said, he loved his time teaching at STC and sees this as the last job he wants to return to before retiring.  


  • Earth language of English
  • Earth language of Spanish

Hobbies & Interests

  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse 
  • Running
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Hockey